Saturday, October 21, 2017

Arc de Triomphe - Cortot

We just learned about the Rococo or Rocaille sculpture Sèvres pot-pourri vase in the shape of a ship by Duplessis in Paris 1757.

In art history, after Rococo came a type of art called NeoClassicism, which tried to make simple and pleasing all around.

One of the most famous Neoclassical sculptures is the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France in 1806 by sculptor Jean-Pierre Cortot.

This arch was built to honor the people who fought and died for France.
The names of hundreds of soldiers are engraved all around the arch.

There are many sculptures all around the arch, like the four very detailed groups of sculptures on the pillars.
The sides have six relief sculptures, the arches have detailed sculptures, and even the ceiling of the arch has 21 sculpted roses.

The arch is in the middle of a part of the city with many roads leading to it.

(from: wikipedia - arc de triomphe)

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