Friday, October 27, 2017

Greek - Good Morning

We just learned a few ways to say hello and goodbye in Greek, like Γειά σου (Geiá sou), Χαίρετε (Chairete), and Αντίο (Antío).

Sometimes you might want to say good morning, good afternoon, or good night.

Good Morning/Day - Καλημέρα (Kaliméra) - sounds like kah-lee-may-dah

Good Afternoon/Evening - Καλησπέρα (Kalispéra) - sounds like kah-lee-spay-dah

Good Night - Καληνυχτα (Kalinychta) - sounds like kah-lee-nich-tah

The letters for these words are:

Κ (Kappa) α (alpha) λ (lambda) η (iota) μ (mu) έ (epsilon) ρ (rho) α (alpha)
Κ (Kappa) α (alpha) λ (lambda) η (iota) σ (sigma) π (pi) έ (epsilon) ρ (rho) α (alpha)
Κ (Kappa) α (alpha) λ (lambda) η (iota) ν (nu) υ (upsilon) χ (chi) τ (tau) α (alpha)

center for the greek language
(from: wikipedia - center for the greek language)

ASL: Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening, Good Night

Italian: buongiorno, buon pomeriggio, buonasera, buona notte

German: Guten Morgen, Guten Tag, Guten Abend, Gute Nacht

Spanish: Buenos días, buenos tardes, buenas noches

French: bonjour, bonsoir, bonne nuit