Monday, October 2, 2017


We just learned about the Mexican State of Jalisco.

Another state in Mexico is Puebla.

Puebla is in the southern middle part of Mexico, but does not touch water on either side.

(from: wikipedia - puebla)

The Coat of Arms of Puebla is a shield with four of the state's mountains on the top.
Around the outsides of the shield are two snakes, with corn for their tails, masks of Tlaloc as their heads, with footprint marks and suns on their bodies.
The snakes are for Quetzalcoatl, who long ago people believed created the world.
Below the shield are the words Estado Libre Sobrano de Puebla, which means "Free and Sovereign State of Puebla".
There are four boxes in the shield. The top left is for the textile industry, the top right is for the Necaxa dam.
The bottom left is for the rebellion of the Mexican people, and the bottom right are for the growing of corn.

(from: wikipedia - puebla)

One of the holidays popular in Puebla is Day of the Dead, where people pray for the people that have died.

(from: wikipedia - day of the dead)

Another one of the many pyramids in Mexico is called the Cholula Pyramid.

(from: wikipedia - great pyramid of cholula)

There are many beautiful cathedrals in Mexico, like the Templo de San Francisco de Asis Acatepec.

(from: wikipedia - puebla)

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