Saturday, April 11, 2020

Appeal to the Great Spirit - Cyrus Edwin Dallin

We just learned about the Bucky O'Neill Monument by Solon Borglum.

Another famous American sculpture is the Appeal to the Great Spirit made by Cyrus Edwin Dallin, in 1908 in Boston.

This statue is made out of bronze, and is about 10 feet tall.
Dallin was born in Utah where there were a lot of Native Americans.
He grew up with them and learned a lot about their lives, and that helped him understand a little about the way they lived.

Later when he moved to Boston he learned about sculpture and went on to make a lot of very famous sculptures about Native Americans.

He made a group of 4 statues called "The Epic of the Indian", each with it's own name.

- A signal of Peace - A Native American man showing that he wants peace.
- The Medicine Man - A Native American medicine man.
- Protest of the Sioux - A Sioux warrior shaking his fist in the air, angry that his lands and buffalo are being stolen.
- Appeal to the Great Spirit - a Native American on horseback facing skyward, asking for help from the Great Spirit.

(from: wikipedia - appeal to the great spirit)

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