Saturday, April 4, 2020

Bucky O'Neill Monument - Solon Borglum

We just learned about the sculpture of Theodore Roosevelt, Rough Riders by Alexander Proctor.

Another famous American sculpture is Bucky O'Neill Monument by Solon Borglum in 1907.

Borglum was born in 1868, and grew up in Western states like Utah and Nevada.
He moved all over the country to study and make art, living in Nebraska, Missouri, California, Ohio, Connecticut, South Dakota, New York and even France.
Bucky O'Neill was one of the Rough Riders that fought in the Spanish American war with president Teddy Roosevelt.
He died in battle and was considered a hero by many people, so they made this statue of him in Prescott Arizona.

(from: wikipedia - bucky o'neill monument)

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