Friday, April 10, 2020

Russian - Our table is short

We just learned that in Russian:
This house is big: Этот дом большой (Etot dom bol'shoy)
This chair is small: Стул маленький (Stul malen'kiy)
My drink is cold: Мой напиток холодный (Moy napitok kholodnyy)
Your food is hot: Ваша еда горячая (Vasha yeda goryachaya)
and their car is tall is Их машина высокая (Ikh mashina vysokaya)

To say our table is short you would say наш стол короткий (nash stol korotkiy).

Our - наш (nash) - sounds like nah-sh 文A
table - стол (stol) - sounds like stoh-l 文A
short - короткий (korotkiy) - Sounds like kah-roh-t-kee 文A

So all together To say our table is short you would say nah-sh stoh-l kah-roh-t-kee.

russian language
(from: wikipedia - russian academy of sciences)

Norwegian: Vårt bord er kort

Greek: Το τραπέζι μας είναι σύντομο (To trapézi mas eínai sýntomo)

ASL: Our table is short

Italian: Il nostro tavolo è breve

German: Unser Tisch ist kurz

Spanish: Nuestra mesa es bajo

French: Notre table est courte