Tuesday, August 3, 2021


We just learned about the Intertragic Notch.

On the outer ear we know about:
- The auricle or pinna, which is the main outside part of the ear
- The helix, which is the folded over part around the outside
- The antihelix, which is the Y shaped bump that sticks out
- The antitragus, which is the bump pointing up that is connected to the earlobe
- The tragus, which is the part closest to the cheek that sticks out
- The earlobe, which is the part that hangs down at the bottom
- The intertragic notch, which is the open space between the tragus and antitragus

Another part of the ear is the Concha.

This is the part of the ear that is shaped like a bowl, and leads right into the deeper inside part of the ear.

(from: wikipedia - auricle (anatomy))

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