Friday, August 13, 2021

Swahili - Counting to Sixty Nine

We counted to 59 in Swahili, let's keep going!

60 sitini - sounds like see-tee-nee 文A

61 sitini na moja - sounds like see-tee-nee nah moh-jah 文A

62 sitini na mbili - sounds like see-tee-nee nah m-bee-lee 文A

63 sitini na tatu - sounds like see-tee-nee nah tah-too 文A

64 sitini na nne - sounds like see-tee-nee nah n-nay 文A

65 sitini na tano - sounds like see-tee-nee nah tah-noh 文A

66 sitini na sita - sounds like see-tee-nee nah see-tah 文A

67 sitini na saba - sounds like see-tee-nee nah sah-bah 文A

68 sitini na nane - sounds like see-tee-nee nah nah-nay 文A

69 sitini na tisa - sounds like see-tee-nee nah tee-sah 文A

(from: wikipedia - swahili language)

Russian: шестьдесят (shest'desyat), шестьдесят один (shest'desyat odin), шестьдесят два (shest'desyat dva), шестьдесят три (shest'desyat tri), шестьдесят четыре (shest'desyat chetyre), шестьдесят пять (shest'desyat pyat'), шестьдесят шесть (shest'desyat shest'), шестьдесят семь (shest'desyat sem'), шестьдесят восемь (shest'desyat vosem'), шестьдесят девять (shest'desyat devyat')

Norwegian: seksti, sekstien, seksti to, sekstitre, sekstifire, sekstifem, sekstiseks, sekstiju, seksti åtte, sekstini

Greek: εξήντα (exínta), εξήντα ένα (exínta éna), εξήντα δύο (exínta dýo), εξήντα τρεις (exínta treis), εξήντα τέσσερις (exínta tésseris), εξήντα πέντε (exínta pénte), εξήντα έξι (exínta éxi), εξήντα επτά (exínta eptá), εξήντα οκτώ (exínta októ), εξήντα εννέα (exínta ennéa)

ASL: fifty, fifty one, fifty two, fifty three, fifty four, fifty five, fifty six, fifty seven, fifty eight, fifty nine

Italian: sessanta, sessantuno, sessantadue, sessantatre, sessantaquattro, sessantacinque, sessantasei, sessantasette, sessantotto, sessantanove

German: sechzig, einundsechzig, zweiundsechzig, dreiundsechzig, vierundsechzig, fünfundsechzig, sechsundsechzig, siebenundsechzig, achtundsechzig, neunundsechzig

Spanish: sesenta, sesenta y uno, sesenta y dos, sesenta y tres, sesenta y cuatro, sesenta y cinco, sesenta y seis, sesenta y siete, sesenta y ocho, sesenta y nueve

French: soixante, soixante et un, soixante-deux, soixante-trois, soixante-quatre, soixante-cinq, soixante-six, soixante-sept, soixante-huit, soixante-neuf