Monday, August 2, 2021


We just learned about the country of Mongolia.
Let's learn a little about the country of Oman! (sounds like oh-mah-n)

This is a country in the middle east, bordering United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.
It is about 120,000 square miles, and 4.8 million people live there.
People in Oman speak the Arabic language.

(from: wikipedia - oman)

The flag of Oman has a red left side, and then sideways stripes of white, red green, and a white picture on the left.
Red is for the Persian Gulf, white is for the leader of the country, green is for the mountains, and the picture is swords and a dagger.

(from: wikipedia - flag of oman)

To eat in Oman you might have harees, which is wheet that is ground up, mixed with meat and water and then cooked.

(from: wikipedia - harees)

Visiting Oman you might go see Bahla Fort, which is ike a castle that was built around 1200 AD.

(from: wikipedia - bahla fort)

The capital city of Oman is called Sur, and it is right on the water so it is a famous city for sailors.

(from: wikipedia - sur, oman)

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