Wednesday, February 16, 2022

American Badger

We just learned about the Weasel family of animals called Musteloidea.

One member of this family is the American Badger.

These animals live in North America, all they way from Canada down to Mexico.
They grow to be about 70 centimeters, and weigh about 7 kilograms.
Their fur is mostly grey, with some black and white marks on their face, and a white stripe that goes all the way from their head to their tail.

Badgers are very active animals and they eat lots of smaller animals like rats, snakes, or lizards.
Usually they like to hunt alone, but people have now seen badgers hunting together with coyotes!

Badgers have really long and strong claws, and are great diggers.
Coyotes are realy fast, and can chase down just about any prey.

So the badger and coyote will work together to chase down their prey.
If the animal tries to run away, the coyote will get it.
If it tries to hide in a hole in the ground, the badger will get it.

The coyotes and badgers don't share homes or snuggle together, but they work together to try and hunt up something to eat!

(from: wikipedia - american badger)

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