Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Honey Badger

We just learned about the American Badger.

Another type of animal in the same family is the Honey Badger.

These animals weigh about 15 kilograms, are about 28 centimeters tall and 70 centimeters long.
They have a long body, short legs, sharp claws, and thick skin that is very loose.
Their fur is black, with a big white stripe on the back kind of like a skunk.

Even though honey badgers are not that big, they are very ferocious, and will even attack bigger animals like lions and hyenas.
Honey badgers eat just about anything for food.
Using their strong arms and big claws they will dig up beehives, lift up rocks to find snakes, rip bark from trees for bugs, or dig in holes for rabbits.
With their thick loose fur, they aren't even hurt by porcupine quills, snake bites, bee stings or bites from other animals.
When they get their food they eat up every bit, even the bones, shells, feathers, and fur!

(from: wikipedia - honey badger)

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