Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Ring-tailed Lemur

We just learned about the .

Another type of lemur is the Ring-tailed Lemur, also called the Lemur catta, maky, or hira.

This is a very famous Lemur because of King Julien from the Madagascar movies.

Ring-tailed lemurs grow to be about 45 centimeters, and weigh about 2 kilograms.
Just like their name says, they have a long black and white striped or ringed tail.

These lemurs are funny because sometimes they will sit up and face the sun, like they are trying to get a tan on their white bellies.
They also sometimes will fight each other by spraying a scent on their tails and then have smelly tail stink fights with other lemurs.

(from: wikipedia - ring-tailed lemur)

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