Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Giant Otter

We just learned about the Smooth Coated Otter.

Another kind of animal in the same family is the Giant Otter, also called the water jaguar, river wolf, water dog, or pteronura brasiliensis.

Just like you would think from the name, this is the biggest kind of Otter in the world, growing to over 5 feet long and weighing over 60 pounds!
These animals live in South America, mostly right along the Amazon river.

Because they are so big, they will sometimes even be able to hunt things like snakes, turtles, camains (which are like small crocodiles) and even very dangerous fish like pirhanas!
With webbed feet and a tail so big it almost looks like a wing flapping in the water, they are great swimmers!

(from: wikipedia - giant otter)

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