Saturday, June 11, 2022

Risen Christ - Michelangelo

We just learned about Michael's artwork at St. Peter's Basilica.

Another famous sculpture by Michelangelo is called Risen Christ and was made in 1521 in Florence.

This sculpture is of Jesus after he rose from the dead standing and holding a cross.

When he was working on this sculpture, after Michelangelo started carving it he found a black mark inside the white marble block, so he put that one away and started over with a whole new block of white marble.
Even though the first sculpture was not finished, someone still wanted to have it because Michelangelo was so famous, and later on someone even finished up the sculpture.
So there are now two of the same sculpture, but one of them has a black mark on the back side.

A lot of sculptures at the time were just of people standing straight up, but Michelangelo made this one of Jesus with his leg bent and his head turned, and people really liked that it then looked different depending on where you were standing and looking at the statue.

(from: wikipedia - risen christ (michelangelo, santa maria sopra minerva))

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