Friday, June 10, 2022

Hindi - July, August

Let's keep learning about the months of the year in Hindi!

We already learned that January, February is जनवरी (janavaree), फरवरी (pharavaree)
March, April is मार्च (maarch), अप्रैल (aprail), and May, June is मई (maee), जून (joon).

Let's keep going!

July - जुलाई (julaee) - sounds like joo-lah-ee - 文A

August - अगस्त (agast) - sounds like ah-gah-st - 文A

hindi devanagari
(from: wikipedia - devanagari)

Swahili: Julai, Agosti

Russian: Июль (Iyul'), Август (Avgust)

Norwegian: Juli, August

Greek: Ιούλιος (Ioúlios), Αύγουστος (Ávgoustos)

ASL: July, August

Italian: Luglio, Agosto

German: Juli, August

Spanish: Julio, Agosto

French: Julliet, Août