Saturday, June 18, 2022

The Deposition - Michelangelo

We just learned about Michelangelo's sculpture of the Risen Christ.

Another famous work of art by Michelangelo is called The Deposition, made in Florence in 1555, also called The Florentine Pietà, The Bandini Pietà or The Lamentation over the Dead Christ.

This statue shows Jesus after he had died on the cross, Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Nicodemus who were both followers of Jesus.
Most people believe that the sculpted face of Nicodemus was made to look just like Michelangelo's face.

People think that Michelangelo meant to make this statue to e outside of his tomb after he died, so he worked on it very hard day and night for eight years.
Then he started getting angry and was breaking parts of the sculpture because he was frustrated that it was not perfect.

Later on after Michelangelo died, another sculptor named Tiberio Calcagni was hired to fix up the broken arms and legs that Michelangelo had damaged.

(from: wikipedia - the deposition (michelangelo))

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