Monday, July 19, 2021


We just learned about the country of Laos

Let's learn a little about the country of Maldivecs!

This country is made up of 20 things called atolls, which are like islands made of coral rings that have lakes in the middle of them.
The coral rings are made up of small islands that people live on.
Maldives is about 115 square miles, and has about 500,000 people living in it.
It is about 400 miles away from the nearest continent in Asia.
People in this country speak Dhivehi or English.

(from: wikipedia - maldives)

The flag of Maldives has a red rectangle outside a green rectangle and a white moon in the middle.
Red is for the heroes of the country, the green is for peace, and the white is for islam.

(from: wikipedia - flag of the maldives)

To eat in Maldives you might have mas huni, which is made from tuna, onion, coconut and chili.

(from: wikipedia - mas huni)

Visiting Maldives you might go to Landaa Giraavaru, which is an island with a resort where people can go on the beach, swimming and snorkeling.

(from: wikipedia - landaa giraavaru)

Because the Maldives are all coral reefs in the ocean, there is a lot of wildlife living there.

(from: wikipedia - marine wildlife of baa atoll)

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