Wednesday, April 1, 2015


We just learned about the Shiba Inu.

Another type of dog is the Saluki.

The salukis have been known by lots of different names!
The Slougui, Arabian Greyhound, Arabischer Windhund, Sloughi Moghrebi, Arabian Sighthound, Levrier Marocain, Royal Dog of Egypt or Persian Greyhound.

They are a type of dog known as a sighthound, which means they hunt using their eyes, instead of like other dogs that use their noses more.

They are a very old type of dog, with cave paintings of them going back over 10,000 years!

(from: wikipedia - saluki)

Long ago they were used in the Middle East as hunting dogs for gazelles and hare.
Sometimes when they were hunting the gazelles, the dog owners would ride along on a camel holding the dog, and when they got close to their prey they would throw the dog out so they got a head start running to catch the prey!

They are one of the fastest dogs in the world, and are even faster than a greyhound over longer distances.

(from: wikipedia - saluki)

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