Monday, April 27, 2015

New Hampshire

We just learned about the US state of Nevada.

New Hampshire is a state in the US on the north east part of the country, right on the atlantic ocean and bordering Canada to the north.

It's nickname is The Granite State because there is a lot of granite rock in the state.
It's motto is Live Free or Die which came from the American Revolution when the colonies were fighting against the British.

(from: wikipedia - new hampshire)

The New Hampshire flag has the state seal on it in front of a blue background.
The seal shows a famous ship the USS Raleigh which was built in New Hampshire, and a wreath around the ship for fame, honor and victory.
There are nine stars because it was the ninth state in the US.
The boat is on the water at the city of Portsmouth, and the yellow land is for the hard igneous rock of granite.

(from: wikipedia - flag and seal of new hampshire)

In the town of Jefferson, there is an amusement park called Santa's village with roller coasters and water slides.

(from: wikipedia - santa's village (jefferson, new hampshire))

Eleanor Porter who who wrote the book about Pollyanna was from Littleton New Hampshire, so the town made a statue of Pollyanna, and once a year they have a Glad Day celebration in her honor.

(from: wikipedia - pollyanna)

The White Mountains go through New Hampshire, and that part of the mountains is called the presidential range

(from: wikipedia - presidential range)

Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the US was from New Hampshire, elected in the 1850s.

(from: wikipedia - franklin pierce)

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