Monday, April 6, 2015


We just learned about the US state of Missouri.

Montana is a state in the north west part of the US, bordering Canada to the North.
It's nicknames are Big Sky Country and The Treasure State.
It's motto is Oro y Plata, which is Spanish for Gold and Silver.

(from: wikipedia - montana)

The flag of Montana is a dark blue color with the word MONTANA in yellow, above the state seal.
The seal says The Great Seal of the State of Montana and Oro y Plata on it. There are pictures of mountains, plains and forests.
It has the Great Falls on the Missouri River, and a plow, pick and shovel.

(from: wikipedia - flag of montana)

The Great Falls are waterfalls on the Missouri River in Montana.

(from: wikipedia - great falls (missouri river waterfall))

Glacier National Park is a place in Montana with lots of great wildlife and glaciers.

(from: wikipedia - glacier national park (u.s.))

About 50 years ago, there was an earthquake in Montana that caused an 80 million ton landslide.
The landslide blocked a river, and the earthquake caused cracks in other rocks and dams, and it created a lake which is known as Quake Lake, or Earthquake Lake.

(from: wikipedia - quake lake)

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