Saturday, September 23, 2017

Fuga d'Attila Relief - Algardi

We just learned about the Baroque sculpture of Saint Helena by Andrea Bolgi.

Another Baroque sculpture is the Fuga d'Attila Relief by Alessandro Algardi in 1653 in Rome.

Algardi was a sculptor at the same time as Bernini, but Bernini was very famous, so he sometimes had a hard time getting noticed for some of the amazing sculptures he was making, even though many people think he is just as good as Bernini.

He was given the job to create a few sculptures of Popes through the years, and one of his most famous is this Relief.
Remember that a relief sculpture is one that is on a wall, with the sculptures sticking out.
This was a sculpture of Pope Leo fighting against Attila the Hun.
Attila came to attack Rome, but the legend tells of Pope Leo asked for God's help to defeat him, and the Huns were not able to take over Rome.

(from: wikipedia - alessandro algardi)

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