Monday, September 11, 2017

Mexico City

We just learned about the State of Mexico.

The next largest state in Mexico is actually the city of Mexico City.
It is not actually a state, but it is counted as it's own district, kind of like Washington, D.C.

Mexico City has the most people of any city in North America.
It is the capital city of Mexico.

(from: wikipedia - mexico city)

The coat of arms of Mexico City is a castle with three bridges, and two golden lions on a blue background.
The lions are for the Spanish settlers in the country, and the blue background is for the water that was in Mexico City long ago.
There are 10 cacti around the flag because those nopal cacti grow in that area.

(from: wikipedia - mexico city)

Long ago Mexico City was an Aztec place full of temples called Tenochtitlan.
The Aztecs had a legend about finding the best city, that said they would see an eagle landing on a cactus while catching a snake.
They saw this happen on an island, and that is where they started building this city.

(from: wikipedia - tenochtitlan)

When the Spanish people came to Mexico, they took over the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, destroyed the Aztec temples, and built the new buildings on top of it, like the Zocalo Cathedral.

(from: wikipedia - mexico city)

There is a castle called Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City, where royals or presidents have lived through the years.

(from: wikipedia - chapultepec castle)

The National Palace of Mexico City is the home for the rulers of Mexico, like the President.

(from: wikipedia - national palace (mexico))

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