Monday, September 4, 2017

State of Mexico

Let's keep learning about Mexico States.

The most populated state in Mexico is actually called the State of Mexico, or "Estado de México" in Spanish.

So you could live in Mexico State and Mexico Country.

This state has the most people in it, and it is also the most densely populated, which means it is the most crowded, with 16 million people living there.
If this was a state in the US, it would be the 5th most populated state.
It surrounds Mexico City, which is it's own state.

(from: wikipedia - state of mexico)

The flag is just the seal with a white background.
The seal has the words "Patria, Libertad, Trabajo y Cultura" which means (Homeland, Liberty, Work and Culture).
Each word has pictures to show it's meaning.
Homeland: The Nevado de Toluca volcano, Pyramid of the sun in Teotihuacan, and a person dressed like an Aztec.
Liberty: A cannon with two crosses on it, for the Battle of Monte de las Cruces.
Work and culture: An open book for knowledge, with farms, a gear, sickle, shovel and flask to show the hard working people.

(from: wikipedia - state of mexico)

The Aztec people lived in the Valley of Mexico, where the State of Mexico is now, and there are many ancient pyramids and buildings from their time, in cities like Teotihuacan.

(from: wikipedia - teotihuacan)

One famous church from when the Spanish people came in and took over the land is the Cathedral of Tepotzotlan.

(from: wikipedia - tepotzotlan)

The highest point in the state is the Popocatépetl volcano, which is still active and still sometimes erupts!

(from: wikipedia - popocatépetl)

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