Monday, September 18, 2017


We just learned about the state of Mexico City.

Another Mexican state is Veracruz which means True Cross.
The state is long and thin, bordered on the west by mountains and on the east by the Gulf of Mexico.

(from: wikipedia - veracruz)

The seal for Veracruz is a golden shield with a green top and a blue bottom, with a red cross on top.
On the cross is the word "vera" which means true.
In the green part of the shield is a castle, and in the blue below it are two columns with the words Plus and Ultra.
There are 13 stars in the gold shield, for the 13 provinces that were part of Veracruz when it started.

(from: wikipedia - veracruz)

The largest city in Veracruz is called Veracruz!
There is a large palace there that was built for the rulers of the state.

(from: wikipedia - veracruz (city))

The highest mountain in Mexico is a stratovolcano called Pico deo Orizaba.

(from: wikipedia - pico de orizaba)

El Tajín is a famous city where they have large pyramids from people who used to live there.

(from: wikipedia - el tajín)

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