Monday, September 25, 2017


We just learned about the Mexico State of Veracruz.

Another state it Mexico is Jalisco.

This state is on the west coast of Mexico, on the Pacific ocean.
Jalisco has all different types of land, like forests, beaches, plains and lakes.

(from: wikipedia - jalisco)

The flag of Jalisco is blue and yellow, with the coat of arms in the middle.
The coat of arms has two bronze climbing lions with their paws on a pine tree, for victory.

(from: wikipedia - flag of jalisco)

In the town of Tequila, there is a volcano called the Tequila Volcano that erupted long ago, and the lava that poured out turned the ground there into a place where the agave cactus grows.
This cactus is one of the main ingredients for the drink called tequila, which is made in the town called Tequila.

(from: wikipedia - tequila volcano)

The state of Jalisco is where Mariachi music comes from.

(from: wikipedia - mariachi)

The biggest city in Jalisco is Guadalajara. It has many famous places like the cathedral of Guadalajara.
(from: wikipedia - guadalajara)

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