Sunday, November 18, 2018

Apostolic Age

We just started learning about Christianity After Jesus.

We know a little history from the Bible, with Paul and some other people writing around 21 letters and traveling all over.
Some people call this the Apostolic Age because it's the time when the Apostles were teaching people.

These letters (called epistles) were written to people and churches in towns that the apostles were traveling to, so that they could try and tell people about Jesus.

Paul alone traveled all around the countries on the Mediterranean sea, like Italy, Greece, Israel, Turkey and Syria.
Back in those days it was all part of the Roman empire, but it is now split up into different places.

In those days there was no internet, TV, radio or even newspaper so spreading news around was very difficult.
Many people had probably not even heard of Jesus when Paul came to visit, and he went to different towns where people had all sorts of beliefs in different things and he tried to tell people about Jesus.

The apostles traveled around until some time around 70 AD.

(from: wikipedia - apostolic age)

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