Sunday, November 25, 2018

Split of Christianity and Judaism

We just learned about the Apostolic Age.

Another part of early Christian history was the Split of Christianity and Judaism.

Remember that Jesus was one of the Hebrew people also known as Jewish people.
Some people even called him king of the Jews, and many of his followers were Jewish people.

After Jesus died, people didn't think of themselves and Christians.
They still believed in the things that happened long before, like the days of Abraham, Moses or King David.
Some of them followed the teachings of Jesus, and others did not, but they did not think of themselves as Christians yet, they were just Jewish people who disagreed about Jesus.
People even went to the same churches and sat next to each other for a very long time.

Around 70 AD there were some wars that happened in the area, and some of the people in charge of the churches changed, and Christianity started to split out as its own different religion separate from Judaism.

(from: wikipedia - split of christianity and judaism)

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