Monday, November 19, 2018


We just learned about the Moritzburg Castle.

Another famous palace is the group of them in an area called Westminster.
This is a city within London, England that has the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral.

These are all very famous places, that are just down the street from each other.

The Palace of Westminster is where the people meet that make all the laws for the United Kingdom, called Parliament.
It is on the north side of the River Thames, and was built some time around 1000 AD.
There are three large towers, and the one called Elizabeth tower has a big clock in it with a 13 ton bell called "Big Ben" that gongs for the time changes.

(from: wikipedia - palace of westminster)

Buckingham Palace is home of the royal family of the United Kingdom, like kings and queens.
It was built in 1703 AD, and has 775, art galleries and large fancy gardens.
Queen Elizabeth lives there and meets other world leaders like American presidents there.
The palace is also known for its guards who wear red coats and have big fuzzy hats.

(from: wikipedia - buckingham palace)

The two large churches are also right on the street, Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral.

(from: wikipedia - westminster abbey)

(from: wikipedia - westminster cathedral)

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