Monday, November 26, 2018

Forbidden City

We just learned about Westminster in Great Britain where the palace is.

Another famous palace is the Forbidden City built in 1420 AD in Beijing China.

The Forbidden City was the home of Chinese emperors and their families for almost 500 years.
It has 980 buildings with over 8,000 rooms, and covers over 180 acres of land.

It took 14 years to build, and more than a million workers.
Forbidden City is inside a larger walled city called Imperial City, which is inside a larger city called Inner City, and just south of Inner City is Outer City.

It has a 26 foot high wall around the city, with a 171 foott wide moat that is 20 feet deep.
There are towers at each of the corners of the rectangular city, and gates on each of the walls.
Inside are almost 20 different large palaces, with the biggest one being the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

All of the palaces have very nice names like Palace of Universal Happiness, and the Palace of Heavenly Purity.

The palace had some tough times during wars, but now it is taken care of by the museum owners of China.

(from: wikipedia - forbidden city)

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