Saturday, November 17, 2018

Six Patriarchs of Hossō - Kōkei

We just learned about the Japanese sculpture of Byodoin Amitaabha by Jōchō.

Another ancient Japanese sculpture is the Six Patriarchs of Hossō made by Kōkei in 1189.

Hossō is a type of school for people to learn about Buddha, and the six patriarchs were important people who helped teach people.

Kōkei was a descendant of Jōchō, like his grandson or great grandson.
We also learned before about Unkei, and Kokei is Unkei's father.

Kōkei helped lead the school for the type of art called Kei, and he tried to make his sculptures look very real.

(from: wikipedia - kōkei (sculptor))

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