Friday, April 12, 2019

Norwegian - Our table is short

We just learned that in Norwegian:
This house is big: Dette huset er stort
This chair is small: Stolen er liten
My drink is cold: Min drikke er kald
your food is hot is Maten er varm
and their car is tall is Deres bil er høy

To say our table is short you would say Vårt bord er kort.

Our - Vårt - sounds like voh-rt
table - bord - sounds like boo-r
is - er - Sounds like ay-r
short - kort - Sounds like koh-rt

So all together To say our table is short you would say voh-rt boo-r ay-r koh-rt.

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: Το τραπέζι μας είναι σύντομο (To trapézi mas eínai sýntomo)

ASL: Our table is short

Italian: Il nostro tavolo è breve

German: Unser Tisch ist kurz

Spanish: Nuestra mesa es bajo

French: Notre table est courte