Sunday, August 4, 2019


We just learned about the Seven ecumenical councils where people met a bunch of times to try and solve disagreements about what to believe.

Another part of early Christianity is Christology.

This is the study and understanding of who Jesus Christ was, in every detail.
From before he was born, when he was born, everything he did on earth, how he died and what happened afterward.

Between the years 300 and 400 AD, a lot of people talked about every single thing that Jesus did and had meetings with each other to try and decide on what was the truth.

It all happened during this time, because for the first time ever people could be Christians without going to jail, and there were churches, leaders and really smart people everywhere learning everything they could about Jesus.

Christology really continues even today as people read and study about Christianity and work to understand what the truth is!

(from: wikipedia - christology)

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