Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Green Hydra

We just learned about the String Jellyfish.

Another type of hydrozoan is a Green Hydra, also called the Hydra Viridissima.

These are skinny green animals with tentacles, that are very small, only about 10 milimeters.

They eat tiny little insects and crustaceans.

Green Hydras mostly do not swim around anywhere and usually just live on top of other things in the water like plants.

Their green color comes from a type of green algea that grows on their body.

They can flex their body a little to move around if they have to, but mostly they just stay on the plant they are attached to.

(from: wikipedia - hydra viridissima)

Giftige Tierwelt: faszinierende Lebewesen im Tümpel. Süßwasserpolyp, Hydra viridissima - nature tv Lothar Lenz

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