Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Eye Color

We just learned about the Iris that opens and closes the pupil.

Another part of the eye is the Eye Color.

The iris we learned about has two parts in it that help make up the eye color.
One is the stroma, and the other is the IPE, which stands for Iris Pigment Epithelium.

That's a lot of big words, but it basically means a bunch of stringy like parts that can have different colors that all blend together to make up your eye color.

The part the really makes a difference is something called melanin.
This is basically like dark paint that your body makes, and the more if it you make the darker your skin, hair and eyes are.

So someone with black hair, dark brown skin and brown eyes has a lot of melanin.
Someone with blond hair, pale skin and blue eyes, has less melanin.

(from: wikipedia - eye color)

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