Wednesday, August 21, 2019

String Jellyfish

We just learned about the Freshwater Jellyfish.

Another type of animal is the String Jellyfish, also called the Barbed Wire Jellyfish, Long Stringy Stingy Thingy, and Apolemia Uvaria.

Just like some other animals, this looks like a jellyfish but it's actually a hydrozoan.

One String Jellyfish is really a whole bunch of little ones all attached together.

This animal can get up to about 10 feet long, and 2 inches wide.
They live like one big long string with pink and white tentacles.
The tentacles are all different animals stuck together on the one big long string in the middle.

These tentacles do have a painful sting but will not kill a person.

(from: wikipedia - apolemia uvaria)

Apolemia uvaria - Gaméou (La Ciotat) - AEGYPT0S

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