Saturday, August 22, 2020

Astor Memorial Doors - Karl Bitter

We just learned about the Alexander Macomb - Adolph Alexander Weinman.

Another famous architectural sculpture is the Astor Memorial Doors by Karl Bitter, made in 1891 in New York at Trinity Church.

The doors were named for John Jacob Astor, who was a very famous business person in America.

The tympanum top of the sculpture has a big sculpture of Jesus standing above his 12 apostles.
On the doors are six sculpted picture boxes showing stories from the Bible: Adam and Eve, Jacob, Jesus' empty tomb, Jesus' mother Mary, praying at church, and heaven

The sculptor Karl Bitter was born in Austria in 1867.
He grew up there and learned how to be a sculptor, and then when he was 21 he moved to America.

While he was living in New York City he entered the competition to sculpt these Astor Memorial Doors, and won.
After that he had some money and people knew about him so he went on to make many more sculptures, mostly architectural as part of buildings.

(from: wikipedia - karl bitter)

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