Saturday, August 8, 2020

Nebraska State Capitol - The Sower - Lee Lawrie

We just learned about Philadelphia City Hall.

Another famous building with a lot of sculptures is the Nebraska State Capitol, and The Sower by Lee Lawrie.

This building was made in 1932, and has many sculptures and works of art all over it.

It is supposed to be all about growth, so the building is a big tower like a growing plant, and there is a statue on the top called "The Sower" of a person who has a bag of seeds and is throwing them out to grow.

Lee Lawrie was the artist who came up with the look of the building and the sculpture on the outside.

Lawrie was born in Germany, and moved to the US when he was a kid.
When he was 14 he got a job working as a sculptor and worked on the Nebraska capitol when he was 55 years old.

(from: wikipedia - nebraska state capitol)

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