Sunday, August 30, 2020

Divine Comedy - Inferno

We just learned about the Divine Comedy.

Another part of early Christianity is Divine Comedy - Inferno.

We've learned that the Divine Comedy was a story about a man named Dante getting to see what heaven and hell are like.

Because this story was so popular, many people came to believe the things he wrote about are actually what heaven or hell are like.

When he wrote about hell, which he called inferno, he said there were 9 levels, called circles.

Each of the circles was bad, and had terrible things like terrible storms, freezing smelly rain, heavy stones to carry, smelly slimy swamps, fires, boiling rivers, burning sand, and many monsters.

This story uses a lot of things from Greek mythology like the river Styx, the dog cerebus, medusa and the minotaur.

Even though it was just a story and mixed things together like Christianity and Greek mythology, a lot of people believed that maybe he was right, and so for a long time people have talked about the circles or levels of hell and the different types of monsters and punishments there.

(from: wikipedia - inferno (dante))

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