Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Sand Cat

We just learned about the Black Footed Cat.

Another type of wild cat is the Sand Cat, also called the Sand Dune Cat or the Felis Margarita.

Just like you might think from its name, this cat lives in deserts far away from water, in places like Africa and Asia.

It has sandy brown fur with some black stripes and spots, is about 2 feet long, and is about 7 pounds.
These cats have a flat wide head, with very wide ears sitting lower on their head than most cats, so they can better hear their prey moving under the sand.
Their ears are 5 times better than a normal cat, so they can hear from far away and sneak up on other animals.

On their paws, these cats have extra fur to help protect them from the heat and cold of the desert sand.

(from: wikipedia - sand cat)

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