Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Lymph Nodes

We just learned about the Lymphatic Vessel.

Another part of the lymphatic system is the Lymph Node.

So we know that lymph is carried in the lymph capillaries and then the lymphatic vessels.
The lymphatic vessels bring the lymph to the Lymph Node.

This is a kidney bean shaped small part of the body that helps filter out bad stuff in the lymph.
It keeps the bad stuff in the lymph node and lets the other liquid lymph go back out to circulate.

The lymph nodes try to fight off the bad stuff collected inside them, and if there is too much bad stuff collected, then your lymph nodes can fill up and get swollen.

Sometimes if you are sick, you can feel on the side of your neck and feel a little lymph node bump sticking out.
Doctors can feel that area and if your lymph nodes are swollen that is a sign you are probably sick and they can do some other tests to try and figure out what sickness you have.

An adult has about 450 lymph nodes in their body, so the lymph gets carried all over and collected in these lymph nodes.

(from: wikipedia - lymph node)

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