Monday, April 11, 2022

Cayman Islands

We just learned about the country of Bonaire

Let's learn a little about the country of Cayman Islands!

This country is in the Caribbean, close to Jamaica.
It is about 260 square kilometers, and about 69,000 people live there.
The people in this country speak S.

(from: wikipedia - cayman islands)

The flag of Cayman Islands is blue with the United Kingdom flag in the top left, and then the Cayman Islands coat of arms on the right.
The coat of arms has three green stars for the three islands, wavy blue and white lines for the sea, a gold lion for Britain, a turtle for the sailing, rope and a pineapple for those businesses.
At the bottom are the words He hath founded it upon the seas, which is from the Bible Psalm 24.

(from: wikipedia - flag of the cayman islands)

To eat in this country you might have Callaloo which is a type of spinach.

(from: wikipedia - callaloo)

Visiting this country you might go to Seven Mile Beach.

(from: wikipedia - seven mile beach, grand cayman)

Lots of people go scuba diving in the Cayman Islands, and there is a place called Stingray City that is very shallow water and people can swim around with stingrays.

(from: wikipedia - stingray city, grand cayman)

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