Friday, April 15, 2022

Hindi - Her hands are soft

We just learned in Hindi our table is short is >हमारी टेबल छोटी है (hamaaree tebal chhotee hai).

To say her hands are soft you would say उसके हाथ कोमल हैं (usake haath komal hain).
This really means "Her hands soft are".

Her - उसके (usake) - sounds like oo-skee - 文A

hands - हाथ (haath) - sounds like hah-th - 文A

soft - कोमल (komal) - sounds like koh-mah-l - 文A

are - हैं (hain) - sounds like hay - 文A

So all together To say her hands are soft you would say oo-skee hah-th koh-mah-l hay.

hindi devanagari
(from: wikipedia - devanagari)

Swahili: Mikono yake ni laini

Russian: Ее руки мягкие (Yeye ruki myagkiye)

Norwegian: Hennes hender er myke

Greek: Τα χέρια της είναι μαλακά (Ta chéria tis eínai malaká)

ASL: ASL: Her hands are soft

Italian: Le sue mani sono morbide

German: Ihre Hände sind weich

Spanish: Sus manos estan suaves

French: Ses mains sont douces