Wednesday, March 9, 2022

European Badger

We just learned about the Greater Hog Badger.

Another type of badger is the European Badger.

This type of badger has the same kind of fur coloring as the hog badger, honey bader and american badger, but it is the calmest and nicest of all the badgers.
Some people keep this badger as a pet, and during the winter sometimes these badgers will share their homes with foxes or rabbits.

They grow to be about 10 kilograms, and they eat just about anything but prefer small things like bugs and worms.
With their long sharp claws, these badgers are great diggers, and usually make their homes next to a tree so they can scratch to keep them sharp.
Badgers make really big homes underground called setts, that can have 15 different rooms, shared with other members of the badger family.

In Europe there are old legends saying that some ancient families in Ireland were actually shape shifters and could become badgers.

(from: wikipedia - european badger)

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