Friday, March 11, 2022

The chair is small

We just learned that in Hindi this house is big is यह घर बड़ा है (yah ghar bada hai).

Let's learn about more things we see every day.

To say The chair is small, we say कुर्सी छोटी है (kursee chhotee hai).

chair - कुर्सी (kursee) - sounds like k-er-see - 文A

small - छोटी (chhotee) - sounds like ch-hoh-tee - 文A

is - है (hai) - sounds like hay - 文A

So all together कुर्सी छोटी है (kursee chhotee hai) sounds like k-er-see ch-hoh-tee hay.

hindi devanagari
(from: wikipedia - devanagari)

Swahili: Mwenyekiti ni mdogo

Russian: Стул маленький (Stul malen'kiy)

Norwegian: Stolen er liten

Greek: Η καρέκλα είναι μικρή

ASL: This chair is small

Italian: La sedia è piccolo

German: Der Stuhl ist klein

Spanish: La silla es pequeña

French: La chaise est petit