Sunday, March 27, 2022

Jesus Loves Me

We just learned about the Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.

There are some other good songs about God and Jesus for kids that maybe aren't Christmas songs, but they are pretty well known.

One of the most popular ones is Jesus Loves Me, written in New York in 1862.

This song was first written down as a poem by Susan Warner, and then the music was added by William Batchelder Bradbury.

In a lot of music books the song is actually just called "China", because it was said to be the most favorite Christian song in China.
Long ago in China the people in charge there did not like Christianity, and people weren't even allowed to write letters to others saying anything about God or Jesus.
So one time someone wrote a letter and said "The this I know people are well".
They used part of the words from the song "Jesus loves me this I know" so that they could talk about being Christian but they wouldn't get in trouble.

Jesus loves me—this I know, For the Bible tells me so;
Little ones to Him belong — They are weak, but He is strong.
[CHORUS] Yes, Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus loves me — The Bible tells me so!

Jesus loves me—He who died Heaven’s gate to open wide;
He will wash away my sin, Let His little child come in. Refrain

Jesus loves me—loves me still, Though I’m very weak and ill;
From His shining throne on high, Comes to watch me where I lie. Refrain

Jesus loves me—He will stay Close beside me all the way;
If I love Him, when I die He will take me home on high. Refrain

(from: wikipedia - jesus loves me)

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