Wednesday, March 30, 2022


We just learned about the Tayra.

Another type of animal in the weasel family is the Wolverine, also called gulo, glutton, carcajou or quickhatch.

The wolverine is the largest type of weasel, weighing around 50 pounds and growing over 3 feet long.
They have mostly brown fur, and sometimes have a white stripe that goes from their shoulders, along their sides and then to their tail.
In the winter these animals don't get icy frost on their fur because it is oily so snow and water don't stick to it.

Wolverines might be only the size of a dog, but they aren't afraid of a fight!
They have been seen even trying to fight off a bear over a meal of theirs, and they have been known to attack humans if they get too close.

The state of Michigan is called the "Wolverine State" because the people there like the idea of being tough and ready to fight if they have to.
In comic books, one of the super heroes is named Wolverine because is also super tough and always ready for a fight.

(from: wikipedia - wolverine)

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