Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Vomeronasal Cartilage

We've now learned about 4 different types of cartilage in the nose: Septal Nasal Cartilage in the middle, Lateral Nasal Cartilage on the outside upper part, Major Alar Cartilage the big flare out of the nostril, and the Minor Alar Cartilage the bottom of the nostril by the face.

The fifth and last of the nasal cartilages is the Vomeronasal Cartilage.

We leaned a while back that the vomer a bone that is part of your skull, behind your nose and above the roof of your mouth.

The vomeronasal cartilage is between the nose and the vomer, and helps support other parts of the nose that help you smell things.

(from: wikipedia - vomeronasal cartilage)

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