Wednesday, March 23, 2022


We just learned about the Chinese Ferret Badger.

Another type of animal in the same family is the Tayra, also called the tolomuco, perico ligero, motete, irara, san hol, viejo de monte, high-woods dog, or eira barbara.

These animals grow to be about 65 centimeters long, and weigh about 5 kilograms.
They have dark brown or black fur, a yellow orange spot on their chest, and their head is usually a lighter color.
On their feet they have very long toes and sharp claws that they use to climb into the trees where they make their homes.

Some people keep these animals as pets, because they like to eat bugs and other small animals that might be pests.

In the wild the Tayra has been seen taking plantains which are like bananas, and putting them out in the sun to ripen so they can eat them.

(from: wikipedia - tayra)

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