Saturday, October 8, 2022

Van Gogh - Portrait of Dr. Felix Rey

We just learned about Van Gogh's painting Garden of the Hospital in Arles.

Another one of Van Gogh's famous paintings is the Portrait of Dr. Felix Rey.

While he was in the hospital with his injured ear, there was a nice doctor who helped take care of Van Gogh.
He wrote about this doctor to his brother Theo and said he was "brave, hardworking, and always helping people".

So as a thank you to the doctor, Van Gogh made a portrait of Dr. Felix Rey and gave it to him.
The doctor's mother didn't like the portrait, and she used it to cover a hole in a chicken coop!

Later on the painting was sold to an art dealer, and today is worth over $50 million.

(from: wikipedia - hospital in arles)

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