Monday, October 3, 2022

Shanghai, China

We just learned about the Chinese city of Chongqing.

Let's learn a little about the city of Shanghai!

This city is in China.
It is about 6,341 square kilometers, and about 24 million people live there.
The people in this city speak Shanghainese, or Mandarin.

(from: wikipedia - shanghai)

Shanghai has a lot of sports teams, like the soccer teams Shanghai Shenhua and Shanghai Port, basketball team Shanghai Sharks, and baseball team Shanghai Golden Eagles.

(from: wikipedia - shanghai sports)

To eat in this city you might have xiaolongbao which are steamed buns or dumplings.

(from: wikipedia - xialongbao)

Visiting this city you might go see the city of Lujiazui, which has a beautiful group of huge skyscrapers.

(from: wikipedia - Lujiazui)

Another interesting place is the Yu Garden, built first in 1559 AD.
This garden has six large areas with ponds, statues, bridges and plants, and each area is separated by a "dragon wall"

(from: wikipedia - yu garden)

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